Organic Argan Oil

The argan tree , native to Morocco, grows specifically in the southwest area of that country. The oil extracted from the fruit is made ​​up to 80 % of essential fatty acids such as oleic acid ( 45 % ) , linoleic acid or vitamin F ( 35 % ) , alfalinolenic acid (15 % ) , gamma-linolenic acid (3%) , arachidonic acid ( 1%). Also, it’s important to remark its richness in tocopherols or vitamin E ( 700 mg / kg) , tripling these values in relation to olive oil . Finally, note the contents of carotenoids , of which 50% are betacarotenoids , precursors of vitamin A, phytosterols (D- 7steroles ) and squalene .

All these excellent properties are ensured through their organic farming , carried out in a wild natural environment, obtaining an argan oil 100 % pure and natural.

Argan Oil is recommended for anti-aging , hair strengtheners and repairers, liquid hand soaps in bar or body wash , creams, lotions and emulsions for skin cosmetic formulas .

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